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This is where I maintain an overview over my web-presence. One of the activities is that I try to describe every bird species I have seen in the area around my home. I use a blog for that purpose, but on the left hand there are links in alphabetic order. The names are in Danish, and so is the blog.


Description of links

I have included some other links, e.g. to my photo collection at Flickr and to my library at the Library thing. And I have recently added some web-pages based on an article in the Danish jounal Naturens Verden from 1998 about the use of bayesian network within agriculture. My home page at work is now reestablished, you will find it if you follow this link. My publication list can also be found there.

Test of Google search

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Test of Google Pages use of CSS

As discussed on Google groups list for Google Page Creator, the functionality of local css files has been broken. I have discovered a work-around, I simply place the css files at another web-location. That is why this page look as I have intended. I can see several people visits this page to have a look. Therefore I have added a copy of this page using css files placed on my Google Pages website. As long as the page referred to by this link looks different than the current page, the problem has not been solved. (Update: I think I have identified the problem, it is the server that returns a wrong mime type of the css-file, see the discussion list for details. I hope Google wil fix it soon). By the way, the following is an example of using javascript to produce mathematical expressions $\alpha_1+\beta_2$ based on LaTeX like specification:


Instructions can be found here. The Leave a comment section in the navigation panel also uses a javascript from Haloscan.

Thanks to the hack by Peter P. Lupo that allows redirection this is now my starting page. Therefore I have moved the description of the css-design to this page.

My library


The 20 most frequent authors in my library


A random sample of books from my library
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